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The Dental Group, LLC
Helping Dentists Make Smart Financial Decisions


Welcome to the Dental Group Family of financial firms.

We believe the greatest value for our clients is achieved through a comprehensive approach to practice and personal finances.  The synergy achieved by dovetailing practice cash flow and long-term funding goals integrated with advanced tax planning is profound for dentists and specialists who believe that planning, implementation and monitoring are crucial to long-term financial success and quality of life.
Our mission is to make a profoundly positive impact on our clients’ income and quality of life.  We do so by acting as your Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for your practice and as a Personal Wealth Manager for your family.  We guide our clients through a collaborative process to identify key goals and concerns and then implement best practices to achieve those ends.
We draw on the substantial experience and expertise of our in house team of CPA’s and Advisors as well as our network of local and national experts to systematically address advanced planning issues including income enhancement, practice management, advanced tax planning, personal financial planning and wealth management.
The first step is a discovery meeting to explore your goals, value and concerns in order to determine if we are the right firm to meet your unique needs.  Click the contact page for telephone information or mail@cpa4dds.com.